Radio Interview with Marie Stanich LaBrosse

I post this radio interview in the hopes that some young actor, in the beginnings of a career, will benefit from listening to the ploits and exploits of an aging actress. I learned something valuable years ago when I tuned into a Horton Foote interview as I was driving my car. His advice: “If you’re an artist, live simply. Live frugally. When you make money, save it. Create an FU Fund that will enable you to say NO.”

I took that to heart right then and there and lived well but prudently, learning to sew, cut my own hair, and even mow my lawn. Being thrifty enabled me to say NO to doing any more commercials after I admitted to myself that I hated auditioning for and doing them. My agents despaired when I turned down plays or film roles that I did not like but I kept my NO. Oh, I lapsed once or twice saying YES when I really should have said NO and paid for it in the coin of depression. As a result, over the years I carved out a career of which I am proud, and I worked with some of the great people and talents in show business. I hope that this radio interview will inspire and help some fellow actor out there somewhere. 

Even if you’re not an actor, please feel free to listen if you wish. Perhaps you’re like a friend of mine who has great difficulty going to sleep but finds the human voice a soothing soporific. To you, god bless and sleep well.

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