CarThis morning I’m packing up my car yet again to leave another rental in Florida. I have moved around five times this winter. It wasn’t my plan. My plan was to be in one place for a month and another place for three months. For reasons beyond my control, those plans changed. So, I hopped around staying with several, gracious, welcoming friends in Florida until I landed a last minute rental in Sarasota.

Although I had never been in Sarasota before, I came to like it so much I started cruising around looking around at real estate. I surprised myself by finding something that I really liked, bid on it, and managed to get through the insanely detailed machinations now required to get a mortgage. Unfortunately, the closing could not be scheduled until March 6. My rental ends today.

A new friend kindly offered to put me up til the closing. But, yesterday, as I was packing up yet again for my fifth move, I got a phone call that because of a problem with the appraisal, the deal may fall through. It’s up in the air. It was a little shocking, to say the least. So what will happen at the end of the week? Will I be packing up yet again to move into my villa or packing up to drive back home up north? I don’t know.

The sudden uncertainty threw me. I lit a candle to meditate/get present. After a while I calmed down and heard from some wise place: Whether things are certain or uncertain, up in the air or not, life is still only one step at a time.

Of course. Today. Tomorrow. For the rest of my life. All I can do is take one little step at a time. I can do that. Get up. Pick up that thing. Put it in the bag. Take it to the car. Leave the key under the mat. One step at a time.

 This post deals with the principles of Getting Present and Relaxation.

8 thoughts on “ONE LITTLE STEP

  1. Your equanimity always inspires me, Katherine. You truly live what you teach. The housing gods have always smiled on you, and they always will. Cannot wait to hear how where you land.

  2. I tend to be pretty easygoing but I think this one would have thrown me. Congratulations on getting present and finding peace. However this works out I know you´ll be fine but I am visualizing you moving into your new villa.

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