The Books and Plays By E. Katherine Kerr

BOOKS AND PLAYS by E. Katherine Kerr


The Four Principles:  Applying the Keys of Brilliant Acting to Life (Available on this website and on Amazon)

For Keys


The Four Keys to Brilliant Acting                                     Available at



Copy of Juno's SwansJuno’s Swans, A Comedy about Sisters, Presented at Second Stage in NYC with Betty Buckley and Mary Kay Place    Dramatist Play Service, (Available at Amazon,com)



Small Intelligent Dezyne

                                                 Intelligent Dezyne, A Comedy about God  (Available on request)


two Copy of Half a Rainbow 3


Half a Rainbow  A Reconciliation with my Dying Sister  Available at





Copy of Copy1 of Three Penny3



How I Became a Not Famous Actress and Survived  Available at





One thought on “The Books and Plays By E. Katherine Kerr

  1. Dear Ms. Kerr: My wife and I saw Intelligent Dezyne in Fairfield some years ago and thought it delightful. I am a former president of the Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT and on a committee to produce arts programs for the library. I would love to see if the play seemed suitable for a reading at the library; we would cast it and do all the work, I only need a copy to read at the moment. Would you be kind enough to spare one?
    Many thanks in advance.

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