Bull.ospMy new neighborhood in Nokomis is a mix of gated, landscaped developments, tattered old Florida houses, and fields with cows and horses. The roads are wide, flat, and people drive either too fast or too slow—the young cowboys in trucks are irritated by the old codgers in Camrys.AOL

Yesterday, I went for a stroll and saw a small group of enormous brown bulls in a field right next to the sidewalk. One huge one near the fence seemed to be having a lot of fun with an empty cardboard box.  He managed to put his head through it, lift it up, and, with his nose sticking out, toss it around wildly.  Very funny. I thought only cats made cardboard boxes into toys.

A second bull, attracted by the activity, ambled over and started licking and chewing on another box. I could see by the label that it once held vegetables. Ah, so it was the flavored cardboard they were after. It seemed to be quite a treat as they both ripped off pieces and chewed away contentedly.

I laughed as I watched and complimented them on eating their veggies. I reassured them that I too am a vegetarian and continued my walk.

This morning in my meditation I was given the message “Katherine. Every day look for love. Express it and receive it. Remember, every moment of love is a victory in life.”

I contemplated that lovely little reminder as I went for my morning walk. Nearing the field of bulls, I called out, “Hi there!” The big guy looked up and as if recognizing me, and started walking toward the fence. I stopped at the metal gate and leaned on it. He came right up to me. The smaller one ambled up as well but stayed to the side.  I talked to them again, telling them how beautiful their big, brown eyes were. The biggest one nudged the gate.  I was frankly a little afraid that he would push what seemed like a flimsy structure open, but it held, and I stayed put.

Then he startled me by reaching out with his tongue and licking my hand. It was massive and felt rough. I jumped back. He jumped back too. I laughed. “I’m sorry,” I said and moved slowly and carefully back to the fence. He rubbed his forehead on the metal bar, and I bravely reached out and scratched the top of his head.

It was a victorious moment of love for both of us, I think.