CarThis morning I’m packing up my car yet again to leave another rental in Florida. I have moved around five times this winter. It wasn’t my plan. My plan was to be in one place for a month and another place for three months. For reasons beyond my control, those plans changed. So, I hopped around staying with several, gracious, welcoming friends in Florida until I landed a last minute rental in Sarasota.

Although I had never been in Sarasota before, I came to like it so much I started cruising around looking around at real estate. I surprised myself by finding something that I really liked, bid on it, and managed to get through the insanely detailed machinations now required to get a mortgage. Unfortunately, the closing could not be scheduled until March 6. My rental ends today.

A new friend kindly offered to put me up til the closing. But, yesterday, as I was packing up yet again for my fifth move, I got a phone call that because of a problem with the appraisal, the deal may fall through. It’s up in the air. It was a little shocking, to say the least. So what will happen at the end of the week? Will I be packing up yet again to move into my villa or packing up to drive back home up north? I don’t know.

The sudden uncertainty threw me. I lit a candle to meditate/get present. After a while I calmed down and heard from some wise place: Whether things are certain or uncertain, up in the air or not, life is still only one step at a time.

Of course. Today. Tomorrow. For the rest of my life. All I can do is take one little step at a time. I can do that. Get up. Pick up that thing. Put it in the bag. Take it to the car. Leave the key under the mat. One step at a time.

 This post deals with the principles of Getting Present and Relaxation.