The July Creative Explosion Workshop

Sunday and Sunday, July 14 and 21
12:30 PM to 5:30 PM in Wilton, CT

“I was in a production of Urban Blight at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York City with E. Katherine Kerr.  I watched her, riveted, in the wings every night in one of the most powerful moments I had ever seen onstage yet it was never the quite the same.  I enrolled in her powerful Creative Explosion Workshop.  My career and my life have never been the same.  The Four Principles are life altering.”
—-Faith Prince, Tony Award Winning Actress

“E. Katherine Kerr is a brilliant actress.  It is very rare to find a great teacher of acting who both has the gift and the craft to be able to pass it on.”
—-Mike Nichols, Emmy, Grammy, Multi Award Winning Director

You do not have to be a performer to do this workshop!  

The Purpose of the Workshop is to create the energy to start what you haven’t started and blast through the block that is in the way of going where you want to go.  In this powerful, easy, and fun workshop you will learn about and apply the four principles of brilliant acting to brilliant living.
1.    Commitment.  Become clearer about your own authentic commitments.
2.    Being Present.   Learn a simple and fascinating technique to help you be in your body and access amazing creativity, healing and wisdom.
3.    Relaxation.  Do a simple exercise to release fear and negative judgment.
4.    Communication.  Upgrade your understanding and application of communication.

What Happens When You Enroll in the Workshop. The moment you register the process begins. You may have:
1.    IMMEDIATE BREAKTHROUGH.  And find yourself starting to move forward in an area in which you have been stuck.  Miracles may occur between the time you register and the time you arrive at the workshop.
2.    RESISTANCE AND/OR FEAR.  The very act of commitment may bring up all the unexperienced feelings that have been in the way of your commitment.  Things may seem to you to “get worse.”  Negative thoughts and judgments may become more prevalent.  This is fine.  Bring them with you to the workshop.
3.    INTEREST/OPENNESS.  You may be ready for something new and not quite know what it is.  This is a very powerful position.  The workshop may hold many surprises for you.

What Happens in the Workshop.  The first day will be instruction, sharing, exercises, and time to record your experience.  Bring a notebook—preferably a large, three ring.  Wear comfortable, layered clothing (you will feel hot or cold depending on your own emotional temperature.)  Bring a snack or two.  If you have any medical problems that need attention please let me know what they are. On the first day you also will learn a technique that can change your life.  It’s called Getting Present.
On the second day of the workshop, using what you have learned, you will present a monologue, song, poem, short story, anecdote, or speech or a combination.  Four or five minutes is the preferred length, but it (or they) should be no shorter than one minute and no more than 10.   If at all possible, memorize or extemporize rather than read from a paper or note cards.
While the workshop is experiential, there is no pressure.  We write, share, and laugh a lot.  People leave feeling clearer, energized, and sometimes utterly transformed.  Committing to the workshop begins the process.

Fee Schedule: (Check or Paypal)
First time participant: $250
Repeating participant: $150
Questions? Call 203 563 0363



BraSo, you have driven your vehicle (hopefully not a motorcycle) through The Fear Car Wash, and you’re on the road to follow your dream, right? Or have you stopped to get a Big Mac and a shake, and then taken a nap on the beach?

It’s so easy to slip into unconsciousness or indifference or a kind of lassitude. “Yeah, I know what I want. I’ve faced my fear about it, but I’ll get started tomorrow,” you say Scarlett O’Hara-like while you’re playing Spider Solitaire.

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.

You did not get support.

Once you face the truth and the fear about what you want, you’d better get support, because every step you take towards something that looks difficult or challenging or overwhelming will bring up fear again and again. And fear will, as it loves to do, disguise itself. It will become tiredness, indifference, amnesia, distractions, confusion, conflicts, indecision, and addictions—oh the list is long and insidious.

Depending upon how long you go without taking action toward your dreams and goals is how much fear you will have to face to get started again. So, if you have to go through the big Fear Car Wash again, this time, make sure you have lined up the kind of support you need to greet you on the other side.

What kinds of support are there?

1. God is a good one. God? Who? Like me, you may not even understand what that means, but you don’t need to. Surely you have known times when you are calm and still and willing to listen. At those times, some Guide, some Wise Self or Higher Consciousness emerges to guide you to truth and the right action. So, meditate. Get some kind of spiritual practice: yoga, walking, praying, anything that helps you go within and listen to your Higher Self.

2. Get Present with a Compassionate Witness. (See my book, The Four Principles.) Okay. I do have to say that this technique is one of the most powerful ways in which I get clear and access the kind of wisdom that I cannot seem to find in my normal, conscious mind. It’s always surprising. (Side note: While writing this, a friend called on the phone to “Get Present.” It was fast, easy, and the guidance she received completely surprised her.) I don’t know where else you can find this except in my Creative Explosion Workshops, so feel free to enroll in the next one in July. (See sidebar.)

3. Support Groups. Go to any support group that feels right to you. There are masses of them out there. The Twelve Step Programs are, of course, beautifully effective, free, and there’s practically one for every need. Not being formerly acquainted with them, I have discovered Underearners Anonymous which is not just about making more money. It’s about getting out of hiding in one’s lovely, safe cave.

If you can’t find a support group that suits your needs, create your own. I created my own writing support group which has been meeting for about two years now. Four of us. The other three fantastic women are highly committed, intelligent and inspiring. I don’t know how I would tackle a writing project I’m doing without them.

4. Therapy. Find a good therapist. I had a great one, and can still call her as needed.

5. Teachers and Counselors. Find a teacher, sponsor, mentor, or coach. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

6. Experts. You cannot know everything, so you’re going to need contractors, electricians, plumbers, editors, agents, printers, lawyers, etc.

7. Friends. Notice I list them last because friends will be there for you when you need someone to play with, cry with, celebrate with, laugh with, hang out with—when you’re sick, need help, are down and out, need them to take care of your dog, but they may not be the best resource to push you beyond the limits you have set for yourself—unless you set a more formal structure with them for that purpose.

The point is: GET SUPPORT! You are 100 percent responsible for your commitment, and you CANNOT do it alone! We can’t climb mountains solo without the clothing and equipment someone else made. My favorite Oscar speech was Maureen Stapleton saying, “…and I want to thank everyone I ever met in my entire life.” Sounds funny, but she was onto something. We are not as independent as we think. Face it. We humans are a totally interdependent species.

But, we do have to be responsible for our commitments. Nobody can support us if we don’t know what we want. Those of us who live in a relatively free world can either succeed or fail. We can either make a mess of our lives or live gloriously. Voltaire said that freedom can’t be achieved without being responsible; otherwise freedom turns to chaos. Being responsible means being clear about one’s commitments, and getting the support to carry them out.

You may not have a vision yet, but if you look at your life, you probably have a goal or two you haven’t achieved. Get support. And then, get more support. With enough you can achieve anything. You can be president if you get enough votes. You can lose the weight, write the book, go to the audition, sing your song, speak in front of crowds, find a lover, and change the world if that’s what your heart desires—if you have enough support.

Here’s the catch. The only way you are going to get support is by using one of The Four Principles. And the principle is……. Come on. Which of the Four Principles will you have to use?

That’s right! COMMUNICATION! In fact, support is all about COMMUNICATION. So, pick up the phone or put your fingers on the keyboard and start asking for help.