Imagine your car is your body and negative thoughts have dirtied up the windows so much you can’t see where you’re going or read the signs that will help you find your way.  Ever felt like that?

Time to take your body to the FEAR CAR WASH!

Instead of driving around blindly, stop and go in. Go inside.  A sign tells you to put your car in neutral and not to put your foot on the brake as you go through the fear.  You’ll hurt your car if you don’t.

So, you put your car in neutral, take your foot off the brake pedal, let go of trying to control life, and feel yourself being pulled into the fear.  All you have to do is sit there and ride it out as the sensations wash over you.

Your heart is pounding as it starts.  It’s intense!  Whoosh!  Whoosh!  Lots of water.  Tears flow.  Then.  Whap! Whap!  Suds and things slap at you.  Suddenly you see shadows of big shapes coming at you.  Oh, no!  Thump! Thump!  Your heart beats fast as noisy, big brushes roll over you.  You feel weird sensations all over your car/body.  They keep coming and changing.  Red lights flash!  Your heart pounds.  Water again.  You begin to see more clearly, but another big thing comes right at you roaring and blowing air.  Thunderous sounds surround you as you breathe and gasp air.  And then you see light ahead.  A green light turns on and another sign says to put your car/body in drive, put your foot on the gas and go forward.  You do, and before you know it, you’re through the fear!

Out in the sun again, washed clean.  Angels appear and dry you off—making you all shiny and new, and off you go seeing your path much more clearly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand your fear as just a car wash?  That if you don’t jump out of the car or put on your brake or try to speed through it, but just ride it out, you will be cleansed of your fear.

Of course, if you’re really enlightened, you could take your car/body to an upgraded car wash where you can simply witness it going through the fear wash, but that’s really advanced.  Anyone out there that enlightened, please contact me.  I want to follow you to YOUR car wash.

9 thoughts on “THE FEAR CAR WASH

  1. LOOOOVE this one I just did exactly this the other day, and it let me be able to get through something that I have thought–really vehemently believed–for many years was IMPOSSIBLE and terrified me more than nearly anything else (I’m am still feeling quite proud of myself…) You wrote this for me, right? 😉

  2. i know you are – as you’ve helped your workshop attendees open to the realization of their blessings! i knew the workshop would be a wonderful experience and re-experience for you. i’m so happy. carry on! luv, Seb

  3. Great metaphor! I haven´t been in a car wash in years, haven´t owned a car in years but you brought back to me the experience and I got it, the part where I´d be kind of nervous because I was not supposed to put my foot on the brake (What, I´m not supposed to be in control? That´s scary!) And then suddenly there you are in the sunshine and it’s really all OK.

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